Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Post...

I've been trying to figure out where to start since I decided I was going to create a blog about living with T1 Diabetes as a family. I guess the best starting point would be to talk about how we got into the "Diabetes Club" so to say. Cliffy who is 6 years old, had gotten sick. I thought he had the flu during the week as he was getting sick, thirsty, weak, not wanting to do anything, etc. Little did I know what that virus was leading into. He went with his dad for visitation that weekend. I got phone call after phone call that he was being taken to the hospital ER and they thought he had Type 1 diabetes. At this time I didn't know what was going on or what to expect. He was transferred to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, and when we got there my boy was laying there out of it sleeping, not knowing what was going on, and literally looking like he was dying. I didn't know it until a little later that he was admitted DKA. This was back in February of this year. We have come a long way in 7 short months on caring for his diabetes and how much we know. He at his last clinic had an A1C of 6.9, and is still on 5-6 MDI's, and 6-8 finger pricks daily. But we are slowly moving to taking the steps to starting the pump. He has since started 1st grade at a public school and loves it. Everything is going well except he is still getting high number's while at school, and I haven't pinpointed the reasoning for that. I truly have a different outlook on life now and try to live each day, day by day, and not let a day go by without telling my children how much I love them.

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