Thursday, September 30, 2010

Steady but not the steady I like to see...

Just when you think everything is "controlled", D likes to come up and rear it's ugly head to let you know it's in charge, and not you.  We went to bed at an "89" what a beautiful number that is. Testing throughout the night showed a steady line between 233-230, and we woke up at 231. Not the steady that I like to see. Not to mention but I think I'm going to have to go in and "Teach" his school nurse more about his type of diabetes. She didn't want to give him insulin when he was at 80, and just wanted to give him his snack of 15g Carbs. ( That I handled). Then found out from Clifford after he dropped low shortly after he had his shot and snack at school that he didn't finish all his snack because the nurse told him not to eat it all. To make sure he had stuff with him on the bus in case he went low, yet she gave him the full dose of Humalog... I informed her he has things with him in case he would go low and he needs to eat his WHOLE snack.

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